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Elke Ludwig studied Graphic Arts and Graphic Design at the art academies of Berlin, Dortmund, Germany and Haarlem, Netherlands. She is distinguished winner of awards for Graphic Designers established by Cologne radio and TV station Westdeutscher Rundfunk as well as the German artists organization Berufsverband Bildender Künstler.

In Berlin she worked as free graphic designer while attending masterclasses for artists focussing on caricature. Her work was awarded further prices by such institutions as Sparkasse Köln, IG-Medien, Presseball Dortmund.

In 1976 the City of Cologne recognized her artistic stature by officially making available and granting a studio equipped for graphic design and sculpturing, a so callad Stadtatelier. She became member of the artist group Dorfschule Meschenich.


„In Elke Ludeig`s sketches, drawings, and prints we find ample proof of her soperior command of a large scale of shadings and modulations. Does she treat us with a funny ironic, satyrical description of the state of matters and minds or are we beeing lured into the realms of caricature? Between the two a well defined line is hard to draw, and even more so as Elke Ludwig`s entire work carries the trademark of her probing mind and of her ability to skillfully reproduce the diversity of human life.

Through all her work Elke Ludwig reveals herself as a woman with a wunderful Talent to precisely register the things that come before her eyes - transforming them into her intriguingly witty cartoons or her stalwart critical caricatures.“

WAZ / Anneliese Knorr

Thanks for translation by Peter A. Schmidt

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